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- About the company

- Activity

Doy Commerce Ltd is established in 1993 as one of the first private companies in Bulgaria. It is one of the most successful Bulgarian trading and distribution companies for chemicals and chemical raw materials.

Our Company's basic priority and philosophy are : high qualified staff, perfect services to customers, reliability, financial stability and continuous growth in trading activities, consistent sourcing and distribution for full range of chemicals such as: plastics and plasticizers, rubbers and rubber chemicals aromatics and solvents, agro chemicals, fertilizers, food additives, industrial chemicals, synthetic fibers and yarns, textiles and textile raw materials and many other products.
Doy Commerce Ltd is a regular exporter of all kind of Bulgarian chemicals and raw materials world-wide. The Company is importing and distributing a large number of raw materials for the Bulgarian industrial end-users and producers.

Doy Commerce Ltd is having long-term contacts with the major producers and exporters of chemicals and raw materials in CIS countries/Russia, Ukraine, Belaruss, Moldova, Khazakhstan, etc./ and is supplying the goods world-wide. The new structure of the company is specialized in the production, sales and distribution of textile raw materials, fabrics, and garments.

- Commercial trade

- Commercial trade

Wood joinery
Wood pellets and briquetes
Wooden dowels, plugs, pins, buttons, biscuits, pegs, turnings, and spindles.
Wooden material
Oak, beech, pine and fir.
Wooden intermediates
Coke is used as a fuel and as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. Coke from coal is gray, hard, and porous.
Steel billets
Standard steel billets and specialty steel billets for rolling mill and forging operation, both for domestic and foreign markets.
Chemical products
Raw chemicals and intermediates to all sectors of the manufacturing industry in Bulgaria and neighbour countries. Wide product range such as solvents, pigments, organic and inorganic acids and salts, caustics, rubber, plastics, amines.
Chemical fertilizers
PVC granules
Foodstuffs and beverages
Canned vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Milk products
Italian paste
Strong alcoholic drinks


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