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Wood joinery, Wooden materials

Wooden dowels, plugs, pins, buttons, biscuits, pegs, turnings, and spindles.

Oak, beech, pine and fir.

Wood chips can be made from waste wood, brush, saplings, limbs, tree slash from logging operations, and from forestry and roadside maintenance operations. Wood chips do not need to be made from old standing timber.

Food, beverages and diary products

Our company represents big and modern European producers of milk products with established quality reputation on the EU market.

We partner with factories which use the most modern technologies and machinery park with implemented Integrated Certified Quality Systems: HACCP (ISO 22000), ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

We import modern, tasty and healthy products.

Steel billets

Standard steel billets and specialty steel billets for rolling mill and forging operation, both for domestic and foreign markets.



Wood pellets

Pellets are produced from ground and dried biomass, which is obtained as technological waste during wood article production. When necessary biomass is fragmented to suitable size and dried in special drying installations to 6 – 8%.

Pellets have a diameter of 6mm
Highly caloric – 4700 - 5800 kcal.
Residual ash of 2-5%
Moisture 7-12%
Sulfur quantity 0.02 - 0.04%

Butter and Butter mix

BUTTER is a natural product with high content minerals and vitamins necessary for the organism. It is produced from raw material coming from ecologically pure region. It is one of the most valuable food products. It is characterized by its delicious creamy taste and by its aroma. It is rich in soluble in fat vitamins A, D, E and K, which reinforce the immunological system.


HoReCa is a category of products designer for small and big gastronomy. Big package is easy to use and store, makes it easier to prepare all kinds of meals and culinary products.
- Swiss type cheese
- Dutch type cheese
- Euroblok cheese
- Cheese Mozzarella
- Chunk cheese
- Sliced cheese and grated cheese

UHT Products

THICKENED UHT MILK is an excellent addition to the coffee; it not only raises the taste features but also eliminates a harmful influence of caffeine on the organism neutralizing it in some considerable degree.
THE TASTE MILK has all merits of the natural milk; it doesn't contain preservatives or artificial dyes.

It is a rich source of vitamin As, B1, B2, both D, mineral salts, performs structural functions in bone and muscles tissues and controls functions in the transport of oxygen, in the activity of enzymes and in handing nervous stimuli over. It is excellent as drink or supplementing the lunch.

UHT and Fresh milks

THE UHT MILK is a rich source of vitamins and important mineral connections, among others of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc.

It is an irreplaceable source of calcium. Thanks to the UHT process it is possible to keep the milk in the closed carton for 6 months in the room temperature.

The UHT milk doesn't contain preservatives. It is a healthy and nutritious product which can successfully replace fresh milk, also because it is possible to consume it without boiling.


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