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Bulgaria, Sofia 1574
"Shipchensky Prohod" Str. 69/21.

3592 870 51 98
+ 359899 861 391
+ 359898 777 620

3592 870 51 98



Doy Commerce Ltd is a regular exporter of all kind of Bulgarian chemicals and raw materials world-wide. The Company is importing and distributing a large number of raw materials for the Bulgarian industrial end-users and producers.

Our company is having long-term contacts with the major producers and exporters of chemicals and raw materials in CIS countries/Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc./ and is supplying the goods world-wide.
The new structure of the company is specialized in the production, sales and distribution of textile raw materials, fabrics, and garments.

Our company pioneers and continuously improves processes and technologies to support the discovery, research, evaluation, incubation and maintenance of profitable financial opportunities.

We are selective and dynamic organization with the best infrastructure to support sound decision making.
An honest, equitable, ethical organization with a team culture where management, staff, operations, traders, analysts and technologists work together to quickly identify, protect and execute the best opportunities for the benefit of producers, customers and agents.


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