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European Rapeseed Market Growth in Season 2013/2014

In season 2013/2014 the EU market rapeseed supply will increase by 2.6% or up to 25.5 million tonnes, Foundation of Assistance Programmes for Agriculture (FAPA) reports.

Such increase in the rapeseed supply on the European market this season is caused by increased rapeseed production rates along with a small decrease in import volumes. The growth of the rapeseed reserves effects the market as well. Total rapeseed reserves in summer 2014 will sum up to 1.25 million tonnes.

Despite the expected decline in the rapeseed exports volume in the EU countries (by about 3 %), its level will remain high – about 3.3 million tonnes.

The experts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal pellets-wood.com consider the Ukrainian rapeseed to be of great importance on the European market.

In 2013 the Ukrainian rapeseed import significantly increased from 1.3 million tonnes up to 2.4 million tonnes. Currently the EU is a major exporter of Ukrainian rapeseed. In season 2013/2014 the total rapeseed import from the CIS countries is expected to amount to 1.9 million tonnes. Most of the rapeseed will be imported from Ukraine.

Another high volume rapeseed importer to the EU is Australia, with the rapeseed import volume of about 1.1 million tonnes this season, compared to 2.1 million tonnes last season. The smallest rapeseed quantity will be shipped from Canada – about 0.2 million tonnes.

Besides, the rapeseed export from the EU countries is expected to grow as well. In season 2013/2014 the export will come up to 250-300 thousand tonnes compared to last season 80 thousand tonnes. Previously, especially in season 2002/2003, the rapeseed export level in the EU was relatively low due to high domestic demand caused by high demand for biofuels.

According to the experts during the current season, which lasts from July 2013 until June 2014 , the volume of rapeseed processing in 27 EU countries will reach the level of 22.7 million tonnes, that is 0.1 % higher compared to the last season.

European Rapeseed Market Growth in Season 2013/2014


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