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Monthly milk deliveries fall sharply in May

Monthly Milk Deliveries

Note: this month's milk deliveries data from the RPA and DARD give figures for April and May 2011 which are provisional and subject to change.  

In May:

UK milk deliveries amounted to 1,245m litres, 2m litres higher compared with the previous year, equivalent to a 0.2% increase.

Provisional GB deliveries were down by 0.7% (8m litres) year on year, totalling 1,046m litres.

Deliveries in NI reached 199m litres according to provisional figures, which was a 5.3% (10m litres) increase on deliveries for the same time last year.

UK production in May 2011 recorded the highest figure since 2007, at 1,245m litres. The start of the 2011/12 milk year is stronger than last year, when deliveries stood at 2,375m litres (60m litres or 2.5% lower). Cumulative deliveries for the 2010/11 year stand at 13,332m litres, an increase of 507m litres (4.0%) compared to the same period in 2009/10 and the highest since 2006/07.

GB deliveries stood at 1,046m litres in May 2011, 8m litres (0.7%) down on May last year. Northern Ireland increased in May year on year possibly due to its export market continuing to benefit from the high commodity prices seen in recent months; May 2011 production is 10m litres (5.3%) higher than the May 2010 figure at 199m litres.



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